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Pop Up Tea Room
Our Story

Juanita's Red Room was born out of the desire to honor the creative life of Juanita A. Portlock (1932-2016).  Mrs. Portlock was a wedding coordinator, designer, caterer and event planner for over 50 years.  Her beloved husband, Earl Portlock (1926-2008) was her steady prince in the midst of her whirlwind of action.  She knew how to create magic.  Her love for red was part of her flair, dynamic personality, and powerful energy.  She has been frequently referred to as a "force of nature!" Never one to consume alcohol, she loved tea. She made drinking tea appear as the best glass of champagne from a coveted region in France!  Juanita's Red Room is not your average tea room.  Experience an infusion 

of old and new, contemporary and classic, jazz to popular, unexpected flavors, a splash of sweetness, pops of color, dashes of love, laughter and each of you!


Envisioned by the youngest child, Zna Portlock Houston

Championed by the first grandchild, Nonya Webley

Cocooned by all of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

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