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Pop Up Tea Room

Zna Portlock Houston
CEO + Founder

Corporate Board President

2024 Advisory Board Members
ConnieBass 2.PNG

Connie Bass

Hospitality Management Industry Expert

Bridget pic.jpg

Bridget Harper

Marketing Executive + Creative

Zion pic.jpg

Zion Otaño

Top Jr. Chef + Student

Marcia pic.jpg

Marcia Darden

CFO, Michael S. Smith, Inc.

Frenchye Harris pic.jpeg

Frencyhe M. Harris

Area Marketing Director,
Saks Fifth Avenue

Tonya Thompson.jpeg

Tonya Thompson

Co-Founder DreamGirls Hair

Warren George pic.jpeg

Warren George

Stylist and Salon Owner, Oasis Hair Studio

Lisa pic.jpg

Lisa J. Jackson

Consultant + Creative


Valerie Williams

Senior Group Manager, Neiman Marcus

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